What Questions Should You Ask Your Educational Consultant in Melbourne?

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The majority of candidates just put their faith in the groups, not even questioning what they agree to or what they are spending so much money on. They are aware of their possibilities, but something about “urgency” and “hurriedness” costs them, leaving them with the impression that they will never succeed. Best Migration Lawyers Melbourne is at the forefront of all Australian Migration Law issues.

Queries to Put to Your Best Education Consultants Melbourne 

What Types of Universities and Colleges do You Provide?

Well, there is just one easy explanation for why this query remains at the top. You should be aware of your destination and intended study location. You’ll undoubtedly be drawn into people’s traps so they can use you as a customer and make money. However, this is different from what you want.

Ask them any questions about the university they are suggesting you attend. Inquire about the testimonials of the applicants they have already provided to the institution.

How Many Visas have been Successfully Handled by Your Business?

Once more, answering this question will sufficiently clarify how you see the firm. You can tell how reliable a firm is by looking at how many visas it has handled and how successful it is. Every person wants from the agent they are contacting some form of experience or, at the very least, some pertinent expertise.

Can You Give References for the Students Whose Files You have Already Processed?

Look for testimonials from students or applicants who used that firm to process their visas. See their opinions and how many days it took them to complete everything. Try to get in touch with them if you can so you can hear their opinions on the matter.

Do You have Any Offices or Partners in Other Nations Where You Send Students for Further Education?

Given that the nation you are moving to is entirely unfamiliar to you and that you might not be able to find someone to help you with your student visa in any way, this inquiry may be of great assistance. 

Many visa experts operate exclusively in India, giving those seeking employment abroad no support. Therefore, it is imperative to confirm with the agent whether or not they have an office(s) in Australia.

Has the Consultant Experience in a Field That You Believe Needs Attention?

Each candidate has a unique set of questions they have prepared, and they want the counselor to be the best at answering them. If you do this, the agent will almost always give you a good response; instead, ask them a question that will test their knowledge of the subject.

Do You Assist with the Entire Student Visa Procedure, Including SOP, Admission, Issuance of CoE, and Visa Filling?

Students must submit their SOP and the necessary paperwork to the institution and the Department of Home Affairs. It would be best if you found out from the agency whether they offer these amenities to the prospect. This will undoubtedly make things easier for the students.

Do You Ensure That They will be Admitted to the School or College of Their Choice?

Yes, since many of them do provide a guarantee before turning around. To ensure a response, make a solid choice both on your end and their end. If you don’t get into a university, it’s not their responsibility.

The finest query you can put to the agent is this one!

If We have Difficulty on Land, Do You Offer Assistance?

Others could overlook this question, but it can undoubtedly be helpful to you. Why not be ready for anything that could arise since you may never know what will happen?

Ask them whether they can assist you with your student visa once you arrive in Australia.


From the Best Education Consultants Melbourne, you must gather all relevant information on the course, university, visa, application procedure, costs, etc.

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