How To Check To See Whether You Are Eligible For Obamacare?

eligible for Obamacare


The Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as health care legislation was established to increase access to coverage, manage health treatment expenses, and enhance the quality and coordination of patient care. Learn who are eligible for Obamacare is to know about the ACA and your health insurance.

To whom is Obamacare aimed?

Obamacare is intended to make healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of income. The Affordable Care Act allows people of all income levels to enroll in health insurance.

You could be eligible for Obamacare for a premium tax credit or other special subsidies that will lower the cost of your health insurance if your household’s income falls between the federal poverty line’s ranges of 100% to 400%.

Who doesn’t qualify for Obamacare?

Obamacare makes healthcare coverage available to the vast majority of Americans. There are, however, certain exceptions.

Obamacare is not available to you if:

  • You do not reside here.
  • You are detained.
  • You are not an American national or citizen or have permission to be in the country.
  • You have Medicare coverage.

You may also be eligible for Obamacare if you are not a citizen or national of the United States but are lawfully resident in the country and your immigration status is one of the following:

  • legal permanent resident or bearer of a green card
  • Refugee
  • Asylee
  • Haitian or Cuban participant
  • paroled immigrant admitted to the U.S.
  • immigrants who received conditional admission before 1980
  • abused partner, kid, and parent
  • Including a partner, kid, sibling, parent, or child of a victim of trafficking
  • a Canadian-born American Indian or a member of an Indian tribe with federal recognition
  • American Samoan national

What is the minimum income requirement for Obamacare?

Under Obamacare, anybody may get health insurance. Still, individuals whose household incomes are between 100% and 400% of the FPL may be eligible for financial aid that lowers premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

According to federal poverty criteria for 2022, a family of four would be eligible for aid with a household income between $27,750 and $111,000 per year. If a single individual earns between $13,590 and $54,360, they would be eligible for subsidies.

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What criteria must one meet to be eligible for Obamacare?

Obamacare is available to you if you:

  • reside in the USA
  • Are you a U.S. national or U.S. citizen, or are you now residing legally in the U.S.?
  • are not detained or imprisoned
  • are not eligible for Medicare

How do I make an Obamacare application?

Obamacare enrollment may be done in various ways, including alone, with an ACA navigator, or through an agent or broker. One can:

  • Enroll at online.
  • To obtain local assistance with a navigator, agent, or broker, use the “find local help” feature. Services are provided without charge, and all are trained to guide you through the market process.
  • Use the website of a qualified enrollment partner, such as a private health insurance provider, to submit your application.
  • Call the marketplace call center at 800-318-2596 to enroll over the phone. 
  • Apply in full and send it in the mail.

Do I still have to pay the penalty if I don’t have health insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance in 2019 or any year after, you won’t have to pay the penalty. Until the end of 2018, unless they were eligible for Obamacare exemption owing to specific life events, their financial situation, or other considerations, all U.S. taxpayers were obliged to obtain health coverage that met a minimal level. 

This meant that you would be required to pay a charge when filing your taxes if you had access to affordable healthcare choices but chose not to purchase health insurance. An individual shared responsibility payment was what this charge was called. The “penalty,” “fine,” or “individual requirement” were other names for it.


Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, provides health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans. In reality, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will make the ACA more affordable than ever during the 2023 coverage year.

As long as you legally reside in the United States, are not jailed, or are not a Medicare beneficiary, you can enroll in an ACA insurance plan. You might be able to afford an Obamacare health plan that suits your needs if your employer does not provide employer-based health insurance.

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