How to Care for Your Gold-Plated Personalized Jewelry?

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It’s never easy to select jewelry, and it’s not always easy to buy it either. Despite our best efforts, financial restrictions occasionally prevent us from buying the greatest quality gold personalized jewelry. A terrific option if you’re examining for a present or accessory that won’t break the budget is to purchase gold-plated jewelry that has been personalized. This holds for any type of jewelry, including personalized necklaces, bracelets, and rings. During the gold-plating process, a thin coating of gold is applied to cover the surface of another metal. 

Gold-plated jewelry can readily degrade and lose color if the wrong cleaning solutions are applied, making it just as vital to know how to properly care for it as real gold jewelry. Your unique personalized jewelry is a wise investment. It will survive for many years and maintain its brilliance with careful care. Here are some pointers for preserving customized jewelry.

7 Tips to Care Gold Plated Personalized Jewelry

Receiving or giving gold-plated, personalized jewelry is always enjoyable. Custom jewelry has value due to both its beauty and the thoughtfulness of the giver. To maintain its best appearance, it does need some maintenance, just like all fine jewelry. Here are seven suggestions for maintaining gold-plated jewelry.

Keep It Clean 

How often should personalized jewelry created for plating be cleaned? In general, the more you wear something, the more often you should clean it. Please be aware that the type of jewelry item affects how the plating wears. A pair of earrings and a necklace are significantly less likely to make touch with different surfaces than a ring or bracelet.

Your jewelry will remain in pristine condition if you clean it frequently with mild soap and water. Steer clear of harsh chemicals because they can harm the finish.

Be Careful with Lotions and Perfume 

Cosmetics that include chemicals that might tarnish jewelry include lotions and hairspray, for example. By wearing jewelry after applying makeup, you can lessen the number of chemicals that come into touch with it. To prevent chemical contact with your personalized jewelry with gold plating, use these products before donning them.

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Store Your Jewelry Correctly 

Plated jewelry components and pieces are to be stored in a zip-top plastic bag or an airtight container. To neutralize sulfur gas, which causes rust, and to stop the oxidation process, use an anti-tarnish paper like Shine-On. Consider using an anti-tarnish jewelry box liner if you intend to display your custom jewelry in a case. When not in use, keep your custom gold-plated jewelry in a padded box or soft cloth pouch to prevent scratches.

Have It Professionally Cleaned 

Have your gold-plated customized jewelry professionally cleaned on occasion to get rid of any oil or dirt buildup?

Remove Your Jewelry Before Swimming 

On a hot summer day, everyone likes to cool down in the pool. But if your jewelry is left in the water for too long, chlorine, which is prevalent in swimming pools and hot tubs, can contaminate it. As you put on your bathing suit, take off all of your jewelry to be on the safe side.

Inspect It Regularly 

Look for signs of deterioration, such as loose stones or setting cracks, in your gold-plated custom jewelry. If you notice any damage, get a skilled jeweler to fix it right away.

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Because plated jewelry has a thin layer of external color (gold or silver), cleansers and tarnish-remover chemicals that are too abrasive for it are easily able to scratch it off. Cleaning jewelry with polishing cloths dipped in rouge is not advised since the plating will come off very readily.


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